Ferrari 599 GTB Wraith by SR Auto Group
20/01/2012 04:47 - admin
Ferrari 599 GTB Wraith by SR Auto Group

Some of the best tuning firms in the world don’t even bother working on mild-mannered programs; these tuners go straight to the big boys.

And quite frankly, you can’t get any more ’big boy’ than Ferrari, and in this particular case, the soon-to-be-replaced Ferrari 599 GTB.

Stunning might be an understatement to describe this car, just like one of SR Auto Group’s previous projects, the equally diabolical and luscious Project 612 Adonai.

The Charcoal Gray matte finish is attractive in its own right. Then you add a new Kresiegg exhaust system that just raises the decibel level of the supercar’s 620-horsepower, 6.0-liter V12 powerhouse engine. And just to finish off the program on a high note, SR Auto Group also fitted the Ferrari 599 GTB with a ridiculous set of 2WO wheels courtesy of PUR Wheels.[...]

Source: topspeed