Epic Build: Murcielago LP 670-4 SV Turned RWD [Video]
18/01/2012 13:28 - admin
Murcielago LP 670-4 SV RWDThe LP670-4 SV is the swans song of the Lamborghini Murcielago range, a snorting, snarling supercar with hypercar ambitions. Yet no SV owner can hold his head up high knowing that it only produces 670 hp, while the car that replaced it, the Aventador, makes 700 hp.

As the story goes, David Wiggs, the friend of supercar social media personality Robert Himler, recently bought a Murcielago LP670-4 SV. And the first thing he did with it was to take it to a dyno. In it's all-wheel drive configura...[...]

Source: autoevolution