Ford GT "Merkury 4" by GT Guy
18/01/2012 00:17 - admin
Ford GT Merkury 4 by GT Guy

While Ford has been tempting everyone with the idea of offering a successor for their famous GT supercar, tuners are hard at work with the current model they do have on hand. The GT Guy, a garage that tunes Ford GT models exclusively has announced their latest project - the Ford GT "Merkury 4" - developed in cooperation with Camilo Pardo ? the designer of the original GT.

The Merkury 4 is based on a solid red Ford GT that features a Mirrachrome abstract custom paint job with a florescent orange center stripe separated with a satin black pinstripe. The car was equipped with HRE center-bolt rims with 275/30ZR19 front and 345/30ZR20 rear Michelin tires. And because one of the most impressive features of the GT can be found under the hood, the tuner has equipped the car’s 5.4 L supercharged modular V8 with a second generation Whipple supercharger and a GTG cold air intake kit that increased the engine’s output to an amazing 725 rwhp at 19lbs of boost on 91 octane fuel.[...]

Source: topspeed