The Drift Wars: Bikes and Cars Engage in Sideways Challenge Videos
14/01/2012 04:19 - admin
The Drift WarsA year ago in a track not so far away from here, Nick ?Apex? Brocha rode a 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10 in a drift war against a Corvette-engined RX-7 with professional racecar driver Jim Guthrie behind its wheel at the Sendia, New Mexico speedway.

That was episode one of the High Planes Drifters video, which proved quite popular on YouTube.

The sequel features Nick, his teammate Ernie Vigil and two Roaring Toyz-tuned Triumph Speed Triples. What the two riders don?t know is that, while they?ve been searching for the perfect stretch of tarmac to perform their sliding stunts, police officer Dan Brockett is out to get them. And his 550HP Mustang Cobra is also capable of going sideways, too.[...]

Source: Carscoop