Video: Renntech Mercedes SLR sets new quarter-mile record
11/01/2012 22:36 - admin

The year 2012 started off with quite a bang for Renntech. Their updated version of the Mercedes SLR - already known for being the world’s fastest SLR - established a new quarter-mile record of 9.76 seconds at a speed of 140.8 mph. This new time smashes its previous record of 10.29 seconds and 134mph established in October 2011.

The Mercedes SLR used for the record-breaking run was equipped with a Mansory Renovatio bodykit, a new set of Agetro M140 Monoblock wheels, and a custom interior. The engine was obviously hooked up; it put a modified supercharger to good use, along with larger heat exchangers, a more efficient intercooler pump, prototype race headers, a limited slip differential, and a modified the five-speed transmission to handle the extra power. As a result, the SLR delivers an amazing 800 HP![...]

Source: topspeed