Mercedes SLS AMG by Prior Design
05/01/2012 00:00 - admin
Mercedes SLS AMG by Prior Design

To say that Prior Design has been pretty busy with aerodynamic programs for the past couple of months is the first understatement anyone has said since the calendar turned to 2012.

The German tuning firm has released plenty of new widebody kits, including one for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class less than a month ago and another for the BMW 5-Series only six days ago. Now it appears that they’re far from finished, especially after they released the first teaser photo of their next project involving Mercedes’ resident supercar, the SLS AMG.

The entire kit is still not complete, but judging from the teaser photo, Prior Design is taking a different approach on the SLS AMG with a kit that’s far more aggressive and flashy than any of their previous works.

Our trained eyes are seeing a vented hood, a revised front bumper with a few air intakes, and a spoiler lip that appears to have been made in carbon fiber. In addition, we’re also looking at new side vents, new side skirts, and flared wheel arches. Though there are no shots of the rear end of the SLS AMG, we expect Prior Design to have an extensive kit on that side too, possibly a rear wing, a boot lid, and maybe even a new diffuser with new exhaust tailpipes.[...]

Source: topspeed