Video: Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo spits flames in Atlanta
13/12/2011 01:34 - admin

We all remember Robert, the owner of the 1,250-horsepower Underground Racing-tuned Lamborghini Gallardo. A few months ago, Robert took his mom out for a spin in his Gallardo and predictably, dear old mom wasn’t too thrilled about that experience.

This time around, Robert left his mom at home and just brought his steed of a supercar out on the streets of Atlanta. Predictably, the video shows the UG-tuned Gallardo revving up and shooting flames out of its exhaust in downtown Atlanta.

We don’t see sparks coming out of exhausts all too often so when we spot one that does it so easily, it’s something that’s definitely worth watching. The only downside to this video is that Robert’s mom, who, by the way, is a certifiable stunner, wasn’t around to amuse us with her hysterical reactions to being driven around in one of the most powerful Lamborghinis on the market today.

Robert’s Gallardo was given the incredible tuning package from Underground Racing which is offered in three different engine stages with updates ranging from Stage One?s 650 WHP all the way up to Stage Three?s 1250 WHP on race fuel. Robert opted for the mouth-watering Stage Three.[...]

Source: topspeed