Chevrolet Camaro SS by Retro USA
08/12/2011 00:18 - admin
Chevrolet Camaro SS by Retro USA

You would think the Chevrolet Camaro SS already exudes the kind of classic retro-modern look that the American muscle car has come to be know for. But even if there are already plenty of styling hints that point to that conclusion, a company like Retro USA still has something in store for all of us.

The US-based tuning firm specializes in splashing some ’retro-ness’ to your Camaro - their name, after all, is Retro USA - and recently, they presented their work for the Chevy muscle car.

The aerodynamic modifications are absolutely noticeable, beginning with a new front and rear bumper configuration, courtesy of Chrome-Tech Bumpers. The body panel is mounted to an existing fascia with two pre-taped thermoformed inserts that lift the bumpers off the fascia for a more authentic look. In addition, the program also includes 68?-69? styled hood vents that provide that nostalgic and aggressive look. Rocker moldings have also been mounted to the existing rocker panel while new quarter moldings - available in either chrome or painted - have been constructed using chrome-plated injection molded ABS with painted flat black accents.[...]

Source: topspeed