Essen 2011: The Radical Porsche GT9 Clubsport by 9ff [Live Video]
28/11/2011 15:53 - admin
Porsche GT9 Clubsport by 9ff9ff Fahrzeugtechnik is a German tuning company from the Ruhr area that basically known for making the most impressively upgraded Porsche out there, model that are sometimes barely reconizable for what's under the skin.

This year's edition of the Essen Motor Show played host for the uber exiting and mega powerful GT9 Clubsport, which offers an impressive 750 hp at 6,800rpm and 910Nm at 5,800rpm. But that's not the end of it, because upon your request, the GT9 Clubsport can be pushed all the wa... [...]

Source: autoevolution