Roadster Shop's Amazing Innovator 1967 Chevrolet Nova [with Videos]
19/11/2011 19:10 - admin
Roadster Shop 1967 Chevrolet NovaWe've said it once and we'll say it again (?and again and again): not all tuning jobs are made equal. There are tuners that hastily upgrade certain parts of cars and there are artsy customizers like Roadster Shop that design unique vehicles like no other.

Roadster Shop, which is based in Mundelein, Illinois, specializes on classic American cars - and we're not talking about a simple paint job or even a full blown restoration, but a complete transformation of the entire vehicle.

One of their latest and more publicized designs is a 1967 Chevrolet Nova coupe named Innovator. As you can see from the comprehensive photo gallery, every single component and panel of the original Nova was either replaced or upgraded to create a high-tech street racer.[...]

Source: Carscoop