Ford F-650 Hollow Point by Mobsteel
08/11/2011 17:37 - admin
Ford F-650 Hollow Point by Mobsteel

Because there aren’t enough things you can do turn your 2012 Ford F-650 into rolling piece of gargantuan menace. Now you can take a good look at the "Hollow Point" by Mobsteel that was in attendance at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show.

The Detroit-based tuning company certainly did a thorough job in modifying this Ford iron, beginning by shortening and notching the frame and dressing it up in their own trademark Mobsteel Black PPG paint. There are also plenty of exterior details done on the truck, including a custom front bumper and grille cut, custom headlights, an F-Series Super Duty bed, custom aluminum tanks courtesy of Aluminum Blanking Company, and a new set of 24" custom Aztec wheels wrapped in Pireli Scorpian tires.

Inside, the Hollow Point F-650 also gets plenty of enhancements, highlighted by a "No Joke" upholstery, 2,600 watts of JL Audio equipment with a pair of 20-inch monitors, and hand-tooled Glock holsters and magazine racks. Apparently, you can’t have enough ammunition with this truck.[...]

Source: topspeed