Volvo Offers Factory-Backed Polestar Performance Kits in the USA
08/11/2011 00:59 - admin
Volvo Performance KitsYou know that the world is changing when a carmaker like Volvo, once the staple of doctors and soccer moms, which cherished the brand's safe and square (in both meanings of the word) station wagon models, starts engaging in ?factory-authorized? tuning for some of its models.

Volvo North America announced that its Sweden-based, long-time tuning partner Polestar, maker of the one-off 405HP AWD C30 and 330HP S60 performance concepts, has developed software upgrades for the 2008MY and later C30, C70 and S40 models equipped with the five-cylinder turbocharged gasoline T5 engine.[...]

Source: Carscoop