Video: AMS Nissan GTR Alpha - the fastest R35 GT-R at Texas Mile
05/11/2011 01:27 - admin

By now, everyone is well aware of the tuning phenomenon that is the AMS Performance Alpha 12. Based off of a standard Nissan GT-R, this package upgrades the vehicle’s 3.8-liter, twin-turbo engine by modifying it and increasing its boost pressure to produce an impressive 1,318 horsepower and 1,014 lb/ft of torque. With these numbers in tow, it’s not at all surprising that the Alpha 12 just became the fastest GT-R at the 2011 Texas Mile.

The record was established in October 2011 when an Antigua/Barbuda Alpha 12 GT-R was brought to the 2011 Texas Mile in an effort to set a new world record for the fastest R35 GT-R. Even with windy and unfavorable conditions, the Alpha 12 - owned by Andrew Hadeed of Antigua Barbuda - was able to secure the title of world’s fastest R35 GT-R with a top speed of 216.9mph! This new record joins the Alpha 12’s previous quarter mile run of just nine seconds at speeds in excess of 166 mph.[...]

Source: topspeed