Honda Debuts Seven 2012 Civic Si Coupes and Sedans at SEMA Show
01/11/2011 23:55 - admin
2012 Civic Si CoupeIt was more or less expected that Honda would put a lot of emphasis on its not-so-well received 2012 Civic range at this year's edition of the SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas.

The Japanese brand brought along a total of seven modified Civic Si Coupes and sedans including a two-door model equipped with a limited-edition Honda Factory Performance (HFP) package and several concepts.

?The Honda Civic was instrumental in the first import-tuner movement in the U.S. during the ?80s,? said Bruce Smith, vice president of Service and Technical Operations for American Honda. ?The all-new Civic Si builds on that proud history by offering inspiring performance, improved fuel economy and a great platform for personalization.[...]

Source: Carscoop