Lamborghini Gallardo R70 by Renown Auto Style
31/10/2011 21:44 - admin
Lamborghini Gallardo R70 by Renown Auto Style

The 2011 SEMA Auto Show is hours away from opening and we’re finally getting a good look at some of the custom projects that have been prepared for the show.

For Renown Auto Style, this year’s SEMA participation marks the first time the company has ever attended with a car in tow. And for their first appearance, they picked a car that can catch attention the moment it arrives.

There’s something to be said about the appeal of the Lamborghini Gallardo considering it’s been around for a while now. The program, which is being billed as the R70, involves plenty of new aerodynamic modifications that RAS built completely from scratch without compromising the Gallardo’s already-beautiful aesthetic design. Both the front and rear bumpers carry unique designs that RAS built with careful attention paid on the certain parts of the Gallardo they had to work around to maintain the design integrity of the Italian supercar. All told, RAS added a bevy of aerodynamic features on the Gallardo, including new front and rear bumpers, an aggressive new rear wing, and a new set of custom-sized wheels. Take a good look at the Gallardo R70 and you’ll immediately notice the differences. The bumpers protrude further out, making for a more aggressive stance and a sleeker overall profile.[...]

Source: topspeed