Chevrolet Camaro ZR1 by Hess Motorsports
31/10/2011 16:41 - admin
Chevrolet Camaro ZR1 by Hess Motorsports

We often associate the quality of a tuning build by the amount of work done by an aftermarket company on a certain car. Using that logic, the boys over at Hess Motorsports did a hell of a job on a Camaro considering that they apparently spent close to $400,000 in research and development just for this car alone.

Some people will call that ridiculous. We call it genius mixed with very, very deep pockets.

Nothing was apparently off limit for this one-off muscle car. We found out that Hess Motorsports left no stones unturned in turning this Camaro into a rollicking piece of madness on four wheels. The exterior was painted with a custom Jet Black finish that was custom brushed with 1st generation strips and cleat coated four times over with high-end clear coat. Hess Motorsports also added a new front bumper, grills, side gills, and shaved doors, to name a few of the body modifications done. Even the interior was spent on lavishly, complete with CTS-V Recaro seats, interior Porsche leather, their custom one-off Double Din that was crated from the Cadillac DTS, and HVAC controls with a Pioneer Navigation system.[...]

Source: topspeed