Mercedes L4P SLR777
28/10/2011 00:55 - admin
Mercedes L4P SLR777

The rock star Mercedes seen in these images isn’t a special edition being sold in an exclusive market. No, this is the L4P SLR777, a team collaboration project between Platinum Motorsport, RENNtech, MACarbon, and Exotics Boutique. It is actually the only SLR with a Mansory Renovatio Body Kit installed outside of the Mansory Factory and, to boost its awesome factor to the next level, it is the world’s fastest SLR, clocking in a 1/4 Mile time of 10.29 sec at 134 mph. Has your interest been piqued yet?

The impressive engine work was done by Renntech, who gace the SLR an ECU upgrade, a sports catalytic exhaust upgrade, stainless sport sound and performance SLR mufflers, and stainless steel headers. The engine is now mated to a Mercedes 722.6 five Speed transmission upgrade that was necessary to ensure maximum power is transmitted to the drive wheels without transmission slippage.

A new suspension system and performance brakes were also necessary and, for an even more dramatic appearance, there is also a HLS 2 (Hydraulic Lift System) that provides additional road clearance for lowered vehicles by raising the front axle suspension via the push of a button.[...]

Source: topspeed