Ferrari 458 Milano by DMC
26/10/2011 21:43 - admin
Ferrari 458 Milano by DMC

The SEMA Auto Show attracts tuning companies far and wide, stretching even across the pond to Germany, considered as the home of some of the most popular aftermarket companies in the world.

One tuning company that belongs on that list is DMC, which will travel all the way to Las Vegas to present their latest program for the Ferrari 458 Italia, called the ’458 Milano’, which they built in collaboration with Al & Ed’s of Hollywood.

Full details about the car have yet to be revealed and these photos of the car were actually taken during its official photoshoot in Los Angeles - and subsequently posted on their Facebook page - before heading over to the desert.

According to DMC, the program for the 458 Milano includes an extensive carbon fiber body kit, as well as added items like front flaps, side mirrors, and a rear diffuser. Speaking about the carbon fiber body kit, DMC made it known that the carbon bits on their program are miles better than anything that’s on the market these days.[...]

Source: topspeed