Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe by VATH
22/10/2011 00:55 - admin
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe by VATH

Launched earlier this year the new Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe seems to be the perfect car for any automotive enthusiast out there. But the German tuner Vath has found a solution to make it even more incredible. The tuner is offering two engine upgrade stage that will add even more performance to your car, but also a series of exterior and interior updates.

In standard version the C63 AMG delivers a total of 457 HP, but with the V63S upgrade package you can get a total of 525 HP, while the V63RS takes you to an even more impressive 565 HP. The first package will take the car to an impressive 186 mph, but with the V63RS you will be capable to hit speed of up to 195 mph.

The two engine programs include high performance air filters, new manifolds, stainless steel exhausts and sport catalyst and of course ECU changes.[...]

Source: topspeed