1,000 hp AWD Fiat Coupe With Mitsubishi 3000 GT Engine Tears Up the Dyno [Videos]
20/10/2011 23:44 - admin
1000hp AWD Fiat Coupe With Mitsubishi 3000 GT EngineThe Fiat Coupe was never actually as fast as some owners would have wised, but, as if we were being translated into a perfect world, a Russian tuner called TotalRace has decided to make things right.

Thus, the two-door Fiat has been fitted with a powertrain borrowed from a Mitsubishi 3000 GT and then received an infinity of tweaks, which now allow it to deliver no less than 1,000 hp.

To convince an engine to deliver that much power and to be able to send it to the road, without sending the...[...]

Source: autoevolution