Nissan GT-R by BenSopra
18/10/2011 04:13 - admin
Nissan GT-R by BenSopra

Japan is home to some of the world’s most exotic tuning companies and certainly, there are some that prop out of the woodwork now and then. Turns out, a new tuning company has just opened shop in Osaka, and they’re preparing a program for the almighty Nissan GT-R as their introduction into the world of tuning cars.

In its attempt to catch the tuning world’s attention, BenSopra is developing a ridiculous GT-R that’s bound to blow the roof off the Tokyo Auto Show in a few months time.

BenSopra is keeping full details of the car under wraps, although renderings of the project have made their way on the Web. As far as the aerodynamic kit is concerned, the BenSopra-tuned GT-R appears to have massive rear fenders and a new rear wing and diffuser, among other things.[...]

Source: topspeed