Porsche GT Silver 911 V-RT Edition Turbo by Vorsteiner
10/10/2011 21:18 - admin
Porsche GT Silver 911 V-RT Edition Turbo by Vorsteiner

Custom tuning programs are always fun to look at, especially if the owner of the car being upgraded has the funds to go crazy with modifications. This particular Porsche 911 comes straight out of Hawaii with an owner that more than likely has a deep set of pockets.

The car was shipped to Vorsteiner where the German tuning company has been given the green light to turn it into a modded beast of pure, unadulterated performance. The project, called the Hawaiian Heat, is still far from complete, but according to Vorsteiner, it’s already been fitted with enough carbon fiber to last a lifetime, including a carbon fiber front bumper cover with its own chin spoiler, a carbon fiber rear bumper cover with an integrated diffuser, a carbon fiber deck lid with a carbon wing blade, and a set of 20" V-309 Forged 3-Piece Concave wheels.

The whole program is still far from finished, though, so you can expect it to get even more dress-ups, as well as a performance modification, before it’s officially returned to what we expect would be a very, very happy customer.[...]

Source: topspeed