Ferrari 599 GTX by SP Engineering
05/10/2011 02:42 - admin
Ferrari 599 GTX by SP Engineering

The Ferrari 599 GTB’s novelty may have run out a bit since the GTO debuted last year, but SP Engineering can aid consumers in upgrading their Ferrari to GTO standards with the help of their latest package. Called the 599 GTX, SP Engineering’s package offers the look and performance of the 599 GTO.

The package comes in three parts: performance, suspension, and exterior. The performance aspect adds a full titanium exhaust with remote valve control system and bypasses two out of the four catalytic converters. SPE also performed an ECU remap on the 6.0 L V12 to maximize power and throttle response, ending with an increased output of 685 HP - even more impressive than the GTO’s 670 HP. The cost is $12,999.

The suspension portion provides custom suspension and sway bars, but keeps all of the original factory magnetic field controls in line ($4,999). SPE also offers an optional front lift kit that raises the Ferrari by up to 2 inches ($12,800).[...]

Source: topspeed