Nissan GT-R by SP Engineering
04/10/2011 02:31 - admin

Nissan GTR SPE 650

The Nissan GT-R by AMS Performance may currently hold the record for the quarter mile with a time of 8.97 seconds, but SP Engineering isn’t giving up on breaking the eight minute barrier with their version of Godzilla. Their packages for the stealth sports car come in a group of five, ranging from 650 HP to the big daddy with 975 HP. Most of these packages have been capable of a sub nine second quarter-mile, but work still has to be done to break eight.

The first update for the Nissan GT-R’s 3,799 cc V6 engine provides 650 HP on 91 Octane and 725 HP on race fuel. It is achieved with the addition of a TiTek titanium race exhaust and mid-pipe and a Titek 90mm cast stainless downpipe. among other additions. This package is followed up with the SPE 750 that takes the power up to 760 HP on 91 Octane and 900+ HP on race fuel with the use of turbochargers, as well as an SPE fuel system and an SPE cat less downpipe. The third package is the SPE 900 bringing the output up to 800 HP on 91 Octane and 950 HP on race fuel with the use of a Greddy turbo kit and intercooler.[...]

Source: topspeed