Ford Focus RS by Kahn Design
28/09/2011 20:38 - admin
Ford Focus RS by Kahn Design

The Focus RS is maybe one of the few Ford models that are just perfect from factory, but since there is always room for improvement, Kahn Design is offering an aerodynamic package that will make the RS look even more impressive.

The package includes a Kahn lowering module, red calipers, Kahn privacy glass, and a Kahn exhaust, along with a new back spoiler, side vents, rear and front diffusers, and bonnet vents, all in matte black for an even sportier and intense driving experience.

The final touch for the exterior of the Focus RS has been provided by a new set of wheels bearing the legendary Cosworth mark. They are available in 17, 18, and 19 inch sizes, depending on the customer’s request.[...]

Source: topspeed