Ford Mustang by Prior Design
24/09/2011 13:52 - admin
Ford Mustang by Prior Design

The fifth generation Ford Mustang was born in 2005 and was given a refreshed look a year ago. Why are we telling you this?

Because for some tuning companies, it’s never too late to build a program for a car that has already gone through a facelift. This is what Prior Design has done to the Ford Mustang, specifically those ’Stangs that were built prior to the 2010 facelift.

Performance upgrades notwithstanding, Prior Design is offering an extensive aerodynamic package for the 2009 Mustang, one that comes complete with plenty of new body kit parts. There’s an entirely new front bumper with bigger air intakes. There are a pair of new side skirts that have been completely modified. And then there’ a newly styled rear bumper. Put together, it gives the Mustang a sportier and more aggressive look.

Prior Design’s new package for the Mustang is suitable for all the variants of the muscle car, but the company nevertheless suggested that the best Mustang version to receive their new aerodynamic package is the GT500 model.[...]

Source: topspeed