FOR SALE: Turbine-Powered Batmobile by Putsch Racing
09/09/2011 07:33 - admin
Batmobile by Putsch Racing

Since the very first Batmobile was introduced in May 1930, there have been replicas made by fans and tuning houses everywhere. But never has one been made with an actual turbine engine that the Batmobile of the late 80s had in the film. Putsch Racing has done just that...minus the guns, rockets, gadgets and gizmos.

Putsch Racing is better known for restoring and tuning cars and bikes, but this one-off project is quite possibly Casey Putsch’s most unbelievable yet. Not to mention that the car sounds like a fighter jet. A really mean fighter jet.

Powered by a turbine engine taken from a decommissioned military helicopter, the Putsch designed Batmobile is a marvel in ingenuity. There’s even an iPad in there doing who knows what. Maybe they took a page out of Hyundai’s book and used it as an owner’s manual. We’d hope not though, something cooler seems more fitting.[...]

Source: topspeed