McLaren MP4-12C Mehron GT by Merdad
05/09/2011 21:59 - admin
McLaren MP4-12C Mehron GT by Merdad

A few weeks ago, Merdad dropped a teaser photo of their tuning package for the McLaren MP4-12C, the first program to be done for the British supercar.

Today, the UK tuning firm has finally unearthed a few details about the car, including the car’s name: the MehRon GT.

The bodykit added to the MP4-12C features a dramatic styling make-over that not only looks wider, but far more aggressive than what McLaren came up with. There’s another newly-released photo that shows the supercar’s more muscular rear end, which predictably comes packed with carbon fiber. And in addition to the extensive exterior modifications, the MP4-12C’s interior also comes with plenty of personalization options depending on the customer’s preferences.

As far as the performance modifications on the car are concerned, Merdad is still keeping that in house for now, opting only to share that the supercar comes with a new SuperSound exhaust system, special design set Merdad lightweight forged wheels and, most importantly, a significant increase in power.[...]

Source: topspeed