Porsche 911 SP91-R by Speedart
05/09/2011 15:57 - admin
Porsche 911 SP91-R by Speedart

We all know that the 2012 Porsche 911 is going to be a bonafide seller when the car hits the market soon. But for a car to already have a tuning program waiting in the wings before it makes its world premiere just speaks as to how anticipated this brand-spankin’ new 911 really is.

It’s no surprise that the tuning firm that released this package is SpeedArt, one of the best Porsche aftermarket specialists in the world. As part of their ’SP91-R’ program, SpeedArt is preparing an extensive project that will include a new aerodynamic kit, a wheel upgrade, and a performance kit.

As part of the aero kit, SpeedArt is giving the new 911 a front chin spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and a set of 21" LSC-Forged wheels on the exterior. This all lead to minimal changes in the interior, with special leather and Alcantara trims being the only additions. There’s also a new suspension set-up which owners can have the option of using for street and track purposes.[...]

Source: topspeed