McLaren Exclusive to offer special customization programs for the MP4-12C
25/08/2011 01:06 - admin
McLaren MP4-12C

Now that the MP4-12C is getting ready to be delivered to customers, McLaren used the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to introduce ’McLaren Exclusive,’ the British supercar maker’s very own vehicle customization program.

With brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini launching their own vehicle customization programs, it was only a matter of time before McLaren followed suit, and they certainly didn’t wait long before joining in the customization ranks.

McLaren’s vehicle customization program will touch on the MP4-12C, as well as two other soon-to-be-announced supercars, to provide customers a variety of new features that can be outfitted to their supercar depending on their tastes and preferences. Among the modifications available for the MP4-12C - as shown by the customized MP4-12C that was previewed at Pebble Beach - include a custom Satin Orange paint finish, a slew of aerodynamic parts that have been lifted from the brand’s resident race car - the MP4-12C GT3 - and a host of carbon fiber details that can be used on various parts of the supercar.[...]

Source: topspeed