Mercedes "SLR 707 Edition" by Wheelsandmore
24/08/2011 07:31 - admin
Mercedes SLR 707 Edition by Wheelsandmore

The king is dead, long live the king! Mercedes SLR is out of production for quite some time now, but the fact it was a great car is beyond doubt. As a proof is the fact that even now, when Mercedes stopped producing it, tuners are still offering lots of attention.

The German tuner Wheelsandmore for example is not at their first upgrade for the SLR. They have also offered a tuning package last year, but we simply can not understand why after offering a 730 HP upgrade they now come with a 707 HP version.

Their latest version is called "Edition 707" - you can easily understand where the name comes from - includes a performance pack, a larger compressor pulley and an ecu upgrade. As a result the engine now delivers a total of 707 HP and a peak torque of 674 lbs-ft and the 0 to 60 mph sprint is made in 3.5 seconds.[...]

Source: topspeed