Volkswagen Tiguan by ABT Sportsline
28/07/2011 19:08 - admin
Volkswagen Tiguan by ABT Sportsline

The Volkswagen Tiguan has just recently received a facelift so it would make perfect sense for ABT Sportsline to revise the tuning package they prepared back in 2007. Their latest tuning kit includes a series of exterior and interior upgrades, plus plenty of engine upgrades for all the models in the line-up.

The exterior package refines the look of the SUV with a prominent front grill, door strips, and a rear wing set with a pronounced rear muffler. The tuner is also advising its clients to opt for a new set of DR alloys wheels in combination with high-performance tires.

So far, the package is a big fat yawn, but then we get into the modifications made under the hood. ABT Sportsline has taken the 2.0 TDI version and increased its output from 140 HP to 170 HP. They then followed it with the 1.4 liter turbo which jumped from 160 HP to 210 HP. If the power jump isn’t enough for these two engines, they succeeded in keeping the fuel consumption exactly the same. Although exact figures weren’t provided, we can’t say the same for the top version, the 2.0-TSI engine, which has received a jump from 210 HP to 250 HP. All of these updates were done by using ABT’s Power upgrade system.[...]

Source: topspeed