Mercedes SLS AMG by Renntech
28/07/2011 02:56 - admin
Mercedes SLS AMG by Renntech

Here’s another tuning upgrade for the Mercedes SLS AMG, adding up to what has become one of the most sought after high-performance project cars in the market today.

This latest piece of work comes courtesy of aftermarket experts RENNtech. You might remember these guys for having already worked on an SLS AMG in the past. This time around, they’re taking their work on the Merc supercar with a new performance upgrade that puts even more ponies under the car’s hood.

The tuning program features the addition of the company’s own tube headers that are made from high quality, tri-metal, 200 cell sport catalytic cells that have been ceramic coated in order to cut down on the heat in the engine compartment while also fighting off the thermal stress that the engine is subjected to. The tube’s design also gives room for the SLS AMG to improve its low end torque numbers and gives the supercar a better overall performance.[...]

Source: topspeed