Singer 911 No.3
14/07/2011 23:03 - admin
Singer 911 No.3

A few months ago, we showed you the magnificent Singer 911 that brought the classic designs of the Porsche 911 and combined them with a modern chassis and drivetrain. This combination produced a car that bridged the best of both worlds in one very, very unique package. Well, it turns out that there’s more where that came from.

Singer is back with a new Porsche 911 model and this time, they’re turning to British engineering firm, Cosworth, to prepare the new engine that can be found on the new Singer 911, affectionately called the ’No. 3’.

The third model takes the reins from its previous two incarnations - those models were dressed in green and orange - and comes with plenty of new-age materials to make the price tag skyrocket to six-figure proportions. Of course, all of it is justified once you realize all the elements inside this car.[...]

Source: topspeed