Predator Xtreme is a supercar mash-up of disastrous proportions
08/07/2011 21:27 - admin
Predator Xtreme

You know how people immediately assume that combining elements from jaw-dropping vehicles and mashing them all up spontaneously nets them a wondrous piece of automotive engineering? Sure, it works sometimes. But for the most part, we?re left scratching our heads while looking at this ungodly sight, bemoaning the sheer lack of creative foresight by the people who built it.

This is the Predator Xtreme, a car that could have been built when somebody put a Ferrari Enzo, a Lamborghini Reventon, a McLaren F1, and an Infinity G35 into a giant blender, put it on full blast, and watched as this piece of work come out.[...]

Source: topspeed