Video: 1250-hp Nissan GTR R1K-X by Switzer gets its turn on the Dyno
06/07/2011 05:45 - admin

Apparently, Switzer’s 1000+ HP take on the R35 GT-R R1K just wasn’t enough for the Ohio based tuner. No, these amazing gearheads had to go and improve on an already fantastic model by getting it up to a staggering 1250 HP. A Nissan GT-R with enough power to rival a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport? We’ll take two helpings and some dessert please.

This new package is called the R1K-X and Switzer Performance has only released this video of the vehicle during its dyno testing for our first tasty sampling. According to the tuner, the 1250 AWHP and 1003 AWTQ was run on VP Q16 race fuel, but a dyno testing with 93 octane pump gas will be uploaded soon.

Source: topspeed