BMW 1-Series M Coupe "Clockwork Orange"
08/06/2011 23:41 - admin
>BMW 1-Series M Coupe

BMW’s M-Series certainly needs no introduction as far as being one of the most popular performance divisions of any automotive brand in the world today.

With a long list of high-powered Beamers under it’s belt, it’s no secret that the M-Series has becoming a tuning favorite, including their most recent member of the family, the 2012 1-Series M Coupe. This particular project, the first for a 1-Series M Coupe, was commissioned by a "Flex///M", a member of the 1addicts forum. As the name of the site suggests, these people are about as close to 1-Series aficionados as you can get and Flex///M’s project called "Clockwork Orange" is living proof of that.[...]

Source: topspeed