Video: Chevrolet Camaro drifts at 244 mph at Texas Mile
07/06/2011 19:27 - admin
Chevrolet Camaro Kelly Bise has a high-powered Chevrolet Camaro that just can?t seem to make its luck at Texas Mile. Once, while on a quarter mile attempt, the car was flying at 220 mph when both its rear tires turned up flat. On another occasion, as his driver was attempting to become the fastest Camaro in a standing mile, the car caught fire at speeds in excess of 243 mph.


Determined to not let past foils get in the way, Bise and his driver named Josh took the high-powered Camaro to Texas Mile for one more attempt at the books. With steely determination and unnerving poise, Josh was able to finish the standing mile with the Camaro unscathed. In the process, he was able to reach a top speed of 244 mph, becoming the fastest car to run during the recently concluded Texas Mile and, in turn, also became the fastest Camaro in the world in a standing mile.[...]

Source: topspeed