Pontiac "6T9 Goat" by Trans Am Depot
09/05/2011 19:00 - admin

A little over a year ago at the 2009 SEMA show, Trans Am Depot introduced a conversion kit for the Chevrolet Camaro, affectionately turning it from modern-day Bumblebee muscle to an iteration of what a Pontiac Firebird would look like. They even had a name for it: the Phoenix Trans Am.
Fast forward about 20 months and Trans Am Depot has returned for their next Camaro-based Pontiac conversion kit. The car of choice this time is the 1969 GTO Judge, although you certainly wouldn't mistake this one for the real deal.
In any case, Trans Am Depot's work is called the "6T9 Goat" and looking at the renderings sent over by TAD, the new conversion kit comes with plenty of styling elements, including a bespoke front end with its own split grille. There's also a revised hood with air scoops, a new tail lamp, a restyled "old-school" trunk with a small rear wing, quad tail pipes, and a new set of alloy wheels.[...]

Source: topspeed