Porsche Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner
04/05/2011 00:17 - admin
Porsche Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner

When there’s a car that?s as popular as the Porsche Panamera, it?s not surprising that so many aftermarket companies are determined to put their own stamp on it.
Whether its through a new aerodynamic body kit or a performance upgrade, tuning companies love to fawn over these types of vehicles. Such is the life of the Panamera these days. The latest tuning program for the luxury sports saloon from Porsche comes courtesy of Vorsteiner. The German tuning firm has released their new V-PT body kit for the Panamera, one that includes a plethora of materials made using carbon fiber and finished in multiple layers of UV-inhibiting automotive clear laquer. Among the items included in the V-PT body kit include a new front bumper cover with a splitter and a removable carbon fiber with an optional carbon fiber duct to go along with it.
There are also new side skirts, a new ?ducktail? rear spoiler, and a rear bumper. Speaking of the rear bumper, Vorsteiner made one that combines three pretty important components: two vertical ventilation slits that help in extracting heat from behind the Panamera?s wheel arches and exhaust system; a carbon fiber diffuser; and a Vorsteiner-developed sub-panel.[...]

Source: topspeed