Ferrari 360 Modena with Lingenfelter Performance
03/05/2011 06:10 - admin
Ferrari 360 Modena with Linfenfelter performance

Photographer Jason Thorgalsen has the ability to photograph some of the hottest cars on the planet, but his recent trip to one guy’s garage in California lead him into a world where high end sports cars reign supreme and alternative options for performance don’t fall short of massive creativity.
We don’t know the name of the man behind the garage, but this guy has two 1999 Ferrari 360 Modenas just chilling in his garage - one for him and one for his wife. Apparently, he was zipping around a local racetrack when the standard V8 found in the sports car blew out. Not wanting to shell out the dough for another Ferrari engine - or maybe just because he’s cool enough to find other methods for power - the owner of the Ferrari decided to head on over to Lingenfelter to make good use of their Chevy-sourced 427-ci Lingenfelter Performance-built power plant. This engine powers out over 1,000 HP compared to the 400bhp at 8500rpm and 275lb-ft at 4750rpm found in the standard engine. Yeah, this guy just became one of our idols.[...]

Source: topspeed