Ferrari 348 Challenge Twin Turbo
30/04/2011 07:02 - admin

Any Ferrari is cool, and yes we said any, even the 1980?s 400i sedan. As long as there is a prancing horse on the hood, these cars are destined to be cherished for generations to come. The Ferrari 348 series is no different and it spawned one of the most loved modern Ferrari?s in the 355 model. One issue that people tend to have with the 348 is that there was a lack of power from its V8. All that really means is that when you take a 348 Challenge model and bolt on some serious power upgrades you?ll end up with a super cool Ferrari.
Steve Maxwell and Stacey Slead were two men that fell in love with the original driving dynamics of the 348 and put in some serious effort to make this one of the most powerful 348s on the road today. The two became friends when Maxwell was selling his Ferrari 348 and Slead wanted to buy it after a one-night test drive. Soon after Slead became the owner and Maxwell turned into a mad mechanic handcrafting over 200 pieces for the Ferrari it has now become.[...]

Source: topspeed