Ford Mustang SMS 302 Yellow Label by SMS Supercars
14/04/2011 22:13 - admin


We love ourselves some Ford Mustangs, especially if they come in a special edition trim. While a lot of people can scoop up a Mustang if they so please, it says something if you?re driving on the road with a piece of special edition American Ford muscle.

Now, you?ll still get your fair share of choices with some being more readily available than others. But if you?re looking for the newest special edition Mustang off the block, you might want to give the boys over at SMS Supercars.

SMS Supercars is the baby of one Steve Saleen. Yeah, you might remember him for his past forays as the founder of Saleen Inc, the very same company that built one of the fastest American supercars on the planet, the S7.

Recently, Saleen and his crew over at SMS have turned their attention towards special edition Mustangs, specifically three new editions of the just launched Mustang Boss 302: the White Label, the Yellow Label, and the Black Label.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning