Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport 564 HP by GeigerCars
13/04/2011 01:41 - admin



Wait, wasn’t it just a few days ago that Geiger Cars unveiled their Mustang Shelby GT640 "Golden Snake"? Now it’s become apparent that the tuning firm is out to even the score by releasing a package for the Mustang’s key competitor, the Chevrolet Camaro SS? Well, we guess that is one way to keep things balanced between the two sides of the muscle car fanatics.

Geiger Cars’ package for the Camaro follows along the same lines as the package for the Mustang, but while the Mustang received a subtle gold exterior to highlight the modifications made, the Camaro is sourly eye-catching in this green exterior paint. Hideous as the color may be, the Camaro was also outfitted with a nice exterior package and can now scream down the road with its upgraded 564 HP. Can we forgive the color long enough to enjoy the ride? Absolutely.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning