Audi R8 800 HP by PPI
12/04/2011 05:23 - admin



It was only last year that PPI Razor unveiled the GTR-10, an update package based on the Audi R8 V10 version. Their package increased the total output of the Audi to an impressive 600 HP, but that accomplishment didn’t seem to be enough for the German tuner. They have now moved on to squeeze 800 HP from the R8 and not from its V10, but rather from the V8 version. Now that’s an upgrade!

In order to achieve such a monstrous update, PPI adapted the engine to get a better compression ratio and a stronger resistance of the first and second gear. That, plus an adjustment of the ECU and two R48 Bi-Centrifugal Superchargers with magnetic coupling, the V8 engine’s output has been increased from 420 HP to 801 HP with a peak torque raised to 634 lbs-ft. The air intake system has also been altered to include a special sport air filter in a Carbon Fiber air box for optimal air flow.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning