Nissan Widebody GT-Rs by Axell
07/04/2011 00:20 - admin



Axell Auto isn’t exactly what we call a sports car tuner. In fact, the tuning firm is actually more accustomed to providing packages for SUVs and vans more so than any other type of car. So why are we featuring their new tuning program for the sporty Nissan GT-R? Because as their maiden voyage to the world of sports cars, it is a great discovery of tuning greatness. It’s called the Widebody GT-Rs and Axell says it is a package for customers who want something new.

The Nissan Widebody GT-Rs is the word sexy translated into a vehicle. It features a cool black exterior fitted with wide front and rear fenders, completely new front and rear bumper designs with a carbon fiber rear diffuser, a rear wing, and side skirts with functional brake ducting. The finishing touch is the new set of wheels, size 10.5J in the front and 13J in the rear. Sultry red leather can be found covering the inside of the Nissan.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning