VIDEO: Driver Smacks Lamborghini Gallardo on Curve, Blames Broken Shoe Heel
05/04/2011 03:06 - admin

A twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo tuned by Underground Racing received an unwanted...facelift when the driver smashed the Italian supercar on a curve at the Caffeine and Octane event in Georgia this past weekend. A forum member who appears to be a friend of the car?s owner uploaded several photos and a description of the crash over at the Car Lounge.

According to the post, the blame is put on the driver?s shoe heels that ?came loose and as he stepped on the brakes, the loose part stayed partially on the gas?. A set of videos showing the crash as it happened as well as the aftermath, which translates in a broken rear suspension, wheel damage and some minor body scruffs, also made their way online. You can watch them right after the break.[...]

Source: Carscoop Tuning