Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Gargiulo by DMC Tuning
02/04/2011 01:39 - admin



Well, that didn’t take long now did it? The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 isn’t even a month old yet and German tuner, DMC Design, has scooped one up and added its own touches to make the supercar even more spectacular than it already is.

The first tuning package for the Aventador is called "Gargiulo" and includes a few exterior modifications that further tweak the exterior of the supercar. For starters, a new Carbon Fiber rear wing has been added that takes its design inspiration from a mixture of the Sesto Elemento and the LP670 models. The new wing can be had in a glossy or matte surface finish. DMC is also offering a new front lip, corner spoiler, and side skirt to add more of an aggressive look to the vehicle. Of course, that’s kind of like adding more water to the ocean, but we still like the overall result of their additions.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning