Hamann Motorsports Legacy
28/03/2011 20:21 - admin



The founder of Hamann Motorsports, Richard Hamann, has passed away after an elongated battle with lung cancer. Most popular for his tuning company, he also was an accomplished race car driver in his own right. Friends remember his passion for the automobile and tuning engines. When he created Hamann in 1986 he was already famous for tuning German automobiles better than anyone else.

Hamann Motorsports has made the statement, ?Richard Hamann was a craftsman, an artist and his memory will continue to prevail in all the cars he built. In the honour of Richard, The Hamann Motorsport team will go on with running the company according to the wish of the maestro himself.?

Throughout his illustrious career Hamann competed in over 700 racing events. Of those he crossed the finish line in a top 3 spot 300 times. He recorded victories in 103 of them. Furthermore, Hamann was an integral part of the BMW M1 racing legend and won 3 Touring Car trophies behind the wheel of one of these mystic machines. As his racing career began to wind down, the tuning business expanded rapidly. Starting with what he knew best, BMW, the company was specific to German manufacturers competing against the likes of Brabus and AC Schnitzer. As the company has grown and become the juggernaut we know today, they have expanded to Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Mini, and Ferrari tuning in addition to the classic German brands.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning