Jaguar S-Type by Panzani
18/03/2011 22:03 - admin



Jaguar may have replaced the S-type back in 2008 with the XF luxury sedan, but there are tuners out there that have yet to forget the classic executive car and aim to bring it back . One such tuner is Panzani, an Italian tuning firm that has revealed an updated look for the old boy.

Their package is based on the S-Type R version that is powered by a 4.2 liter V8 engine with an output of 300 HP. The standard S-Type already has its distinctive features, but Panzani wanted to bring them out into a whole new and modern light. The car’s original sheet metal was used for the body, but the wheels arches were widened to 10 cm on both axles and connected to the new bumper. The front was further refined with two large air intakes that balance the aesthetic look of the Jaguar grille. A pair of LED daytime lights were also integrated into the front bumper to finish off the look. The ultimate treatment was reserved for the body color where a gray/lava intense color was applied in a uniform grain and then treated with a transparent finish. Other less notable new features of the S-Type are the new 20" wheels and the Alcantara and leather elements and carbon fiber elements found in the interior.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning